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He was born in 1976 in Germany. After completing his primary school at Istanbul Private Kalamış Primary School, he completed his secondary and high school education at Istanbul Private German High School. In 1994, he received a one-year high school education at Pingry High School in New Jersey, USA, under AFS international student exchange program.He [...]


Teeth Whitening

The contribution of a beautiful and aesthetic smile to one's social life and self-confidence is an undeniable fact. Thanks to the aesthetic and restorative developments in dentistry, color, shape and placement of teeth in a incomplete denture are now easily resolved. The bleaching method of dark or discolored teeth is often preferred as it [...]


Smile Design

Smile design is a personalized smile aesthetic in order to achieve a healthier and aesthetic appearance that is compatible with the anatomical structure of the teeth, gums, lips, jaw and face. The structure of the teeth greatly affects the smile and social life of the person. Most people who are dissatisfied with the appearance [...]


Laminate Veneers

Laminate veneer, also known as leaf porcelain, is an aesthetic application to permanently change the shape and color of teeth. In order to eliminate discoloration  and various deformities in the teeth, porcelain laminates in the form of nails are applied only to the front surface of the teeth, without intervening the entire tooth. Laminate [...]

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