The contribution of a beautiful and aesthetic smile to one’s social life and self-confidence is an undeniable fact. Thanks to the aesthetic and restorative developments in dentistry, color, shape and placement of teeth in a incomplete denture are now easily resolved. The bleaching method of dark or discolored teeth is often preferred as it is more economical, easy and effortless compared to other restorative methods.

Tooth Bleaching is the procedure  of removing stains and discoloration of short teeth.

Teeth lose their whiteness for various reasons. In particular, the consumption of foodstuffs that leave stains on the teeth such as tea, coffee and cola cause an increase in staining, while discoloration may occur due to various reasons such as some antibiotics used during childhood or in the womb, smoking, and excessive fluoride intake. This type of discoloration can also be removed by brushing teeth and taking care of the person’s oral care. Hard brushing, which is a mistake made to get rid of stains on the teeth, can cause wear and sensitivity in the teeth. Brushing with the right technique using a medium-hard brush is a beneficial method for dental health.

It is possible to achieve white teeth quickly and easily with whitening procedure, which is especially preferred by those who are satisfied with the shape of their teeth but not satisfied with their color.

Teeth Whitening (Bleaching) Methods

Two different methods are preferred in the form of in-office teeth whitening applied by the dentist in the clinic, with accurate and quick results, and  teeth whitening at home , which can be applied at home and cost-effective.

In-Office Teeth Whitenig

The whitening procedure  is performed  in one or more sessions by the dentist in the clinic. The whitening gel applied to the teeth while protecting the gums is activated by a light source such as laser or led. In-Office Teeth Bleaching procedure , which is completed in a period of 30-60 minutes  in one or a few sessions depending on the condition of the stains on the teeth, stands out as a safe method.

Teeth whitening at home (Home Bleaching)

In this method, although the whitening procedure  is applied at home, it is still under the control of the dentist. The dentist takes the measurement of the teeth and prepares a mold. This mold aims to protect the gums during teeth whitening at home. The patient applies the whitening gel to this mold and keeps it on his teeth for a certain period of time. The important point is to carry out the procedure for the period and under the conditions laid down by the physician..

Teeth whitening kits sold in pharmacies may not give healthy results because the molds are not specially prepared for the person. uneven and rough parts of the mold can damage the gums. It is more difficult to get the expected result with such products.

In the afterwards of  teeth whitening procedure

Especially the first two weeks after the teeth whitening procedure is very important. During this period, it is necessary to stay away from habits such as smoking, tea, coffee, wine, cola that will stain the teeth.

It is very important to pay attention to oral care in order to preserve the whiteness that lasts for 1-2 years. It also helps to preserve whiteness by consuming foods that leave stains on the teeth as little as possible.