Healthy and aesthetic
teeth are the most important step
on the road to happiness.



Teeth Whitening

The contribution of a beautiful and aesthetic smile to one's social life and self-confidence is an undeniable fact. Thanks to the aesthetic and restorative developments in dentistry, [...]

Smile Design

Smile design is a personalized smile aesthetic in order to achieve a healthier and aesthetic appearance that is compatible with the anatomical structure of the teeth, gums, [...]

kanal tedavisi

Everything you need to know about Root Canal Treatment

The tooth consists of a crown, which is the visible part in the mouth, and one or more roots that remain buried in the bone.

There is white enamel tissue on the outermost part of the upper part (crown) of the tooth and yellow dentin tissue below it. Inside the tooth is the pulp (popularly known as the tooth’s nerve). Contrary to popular belief, the pulp is not just a nerve. Pulp is a tissue composed of vessels, nerves and connective tissue but also tissue called pulp that gives vitality to the tooth. The pulp extends to the root tip through the channels in the root and connects to the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

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